Farm to Jesus

Locally Farmed. Lovingly Prepared. Faithfully Feasted.

Food. Faith. Fellowship.

Farm to Jesus is a Catholic-based supper club for young adults and budding families. Our every other month events focus on Catholicism, scripture & teachings that pertain to the chapter we are currently in while we eat a fresh, local farm-to-table meal at the King’s homestead.

How It Works

We (the Kings) source locally grown food, including from our garden, to create a comforting home-cooked meal for you.

You and your family are invited (literally sent an invitation once you’ve signed up to be on the guest list) to hear God’s word and his teachings about love, parenting and His life goals for us in this world, followed by the enjoyment of fellowship & good food.

Our current aim is every other month. The kicker is… space is limited to 4-5 couples/families at a time so there may be a rotating waiting list. If there is interest, we may host a bi-annual, larger dinner party complete with entertainment. Does anyone know how to play the guitar? 😉

Meet Us

Were The Kings

We homestead on 4 acres in Savannah.

We are passionate about learning more about our faith.

We are fresh-food-enthusiasts.

We have a miniature donkey named Cinnamon.

We look forward to growing in community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Menu Items

Opportunities for Service

To reach and befriend those who are missing and seeking that deeper connection with God and His son, Jesus, through wholesome food, God’s word, and fellowship and to spread our love of God to those who may need a helping hand by producing and sharing our first fruits.

Farm to Jesus’ Mission Statement

Have you been a guest of Farm to Jesus? Let us know you’re thoughts so we can feature them here for future guests!